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View Diary: (UPDATED 6/11/13) Who and Where Are the Democratic Representatives Holding Up Marriage in Illinois? (33 comments)

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  •  Nonsense. (0+ / 0-)

    "other black religious leaders are taking the opposite position and urging the state legislature to take its one remaining step to bring marriage equality to Illinois. On Thursday, a group of about a dozen African-American faith leaders expressed their support for legal same-sex marriage, ABC Chicago reports.

    "The African-American community, first of all, is not a monolithic community on this issue," the Rev. Richard Tolliver of St. Edmunds Church, said Thursday, according to ABC."

    Your opinion is clearly not evidence of anything but your preference to blame all black ministers for the homophobia of some.

    •  Excuse me? (0+ / 0-)

      I would first like to draw your attention to your quotation regarding my apparent "preference to blame all black ministers for the homophobia of some".
      Can you reference the quotation where I blamed all black ministers for homophobia? You clearly have misinterpreted what I have written and that only highlights your misconceptions, not mine.
      When I was describing the actions of the religious side, I did not reference the colour of skin of any of them. I used James Meeks as an example, because he was a former senator and is quite influential. I did not connect my argument to the colour of Meeks's skin.
      Furthermore, your argument, and more specifically the first quotation from ABC Chicago that you mention in the post above only further provides weight to my own argument. I have been arguing that the religious side (regardless of the colour of their skins) have been more effective at influencing legislators, including the black caucus, and this is further highlighted by the fact that the "dozen African-American faith leaders" who led support for same-sex marriage evidently did not have much effect in garnering support for the bill, as the bill did not have anywhere near the numbers to pass by the end of the session. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the religious side in influencing legislators can be seen through some of Rita Mayfield's own quotations which she used regarding her own church in a link posted above somewhere by the OP.
      I also find it rather odd that you found it necessary to mention the quotation; "The African-American community, first of all, is not a monolithic community on this issue", despite the fact that I did not insinuate otherwise, and thus this only further highlights that you have misconstrued my words.

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