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View Diary: Obama should never have brought up climate change with Keystone XL in his hands (43 comments)

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  •  Pipelines are a better option (0+ / 0-)

    cheaper, safer, etc, etc.

    But not having one isn't a dealbreaker, for sure.

    Seriously, just google what's going on with rail - I'm not making this shit up!

    For example, this: Buffett Like Icahn Reaping Tank Car Boom From Shale Oil

    Buffett’s Union Tank Car Co. is working at full capacity and Icahn’s American Railcar Industries Inc. (ARII) has a backlog through 2014. Trinity Industries Inc. (TRN), the biggest railcar producer, began converting wind-tower factories last year to help meet demand for train cars that can transport the petroleum product.
    Really, how crazy is that?

    But why are they doing that?  Simple - demand:

    American Railcar said third-quarter orders for tank cars reached 8,800 industrywide, almost double deliveries. The industry’s backlog was about 46,700 at the end of that period, making up more than 75 percent of its total unfilled orders.

    The company’s own backlog of 7,630 total railcars was the largest since 2008’s second quarter and its production schedule included tank orders through the first three months of 2014,

    So, rail capacity continues to ramp up quickly.   (for context, those 46,700 rail cars represent approximately 2 KXL's worth of transport capacity - and that's just new capacity coming on line in the next year or so)

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