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View Diary: Legendary Stormchaser, Son, and Partner killed chasing during Oklahoma tornado outbreak (127 comments)

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    are not exact. I track my friends who are out chasing by using a software program that enlists cell phone locations--the icon that shows where the chasers are is not accurate unless they are broadcasting their GPS coordinates. If the placements were correct, chasers would have had to be literally parked on top of each other instead of being separated by many yards.  

    In OK, chasers/spotters were hindered by citizens trying to flee in their cars. Local media were to blame in many circumstances--they were telling people to drive south or north to get away from the tornadoes. The interstates and highways were bumper-to-bumper with people trying to drive away. Remember that spotters/chasers can see where the tornado is not only because they are right there but because they have postioned themselves using on-board Doppler or uplinked Doppler programs and nowcasting. 12,000 people fleeing en mass have no idea where anything is. They are like stampeding cattle.

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