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  •  Several factors, mostly covered by your 4). (0+ / 0-)

    Rather little is actually taught in our school systems.  Unlike in ours -- I've taught in Europe btw -- one doesn't begin the first several weeks' worth of math "reviewing" what was learned in all of the previous years.  For another, we "teach to the test" in ways unimaginable in even those countries with leaving exams.  Such practices do not encourage learning, let alone critical thought, which is actively discouraged in our schools.

    I will get into trouble for saying this, but our country doesn't respect teachers.  Parents always know what's best for their little geniuses, and teachers are regarded as librul parasites.  Compare this to Western Europe, where teachers are paid even more poorly than here, but who invariably receive respect and deference from parents and from society at large.  If you don't respect the teachers, you don't respect education, with predictable consequences.

    Finally, in all fairness, most other countries are a lot more homogenous than ours.  Our teachers have to deal with sociological, linguistic, and cultural challenges that in most countries aren't even bad dreams.

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    by corvo on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 07:38:27 AM PDT

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