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View Diary: Formula for Quality Journalism: No Matter Where You Are, Foreign Media Is Better (9 comments)

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    I am now living in Spain, and I wish that we in the U.S. had as much access to foreign news sources as people do here. I am very impressed with Al Jazeera and BBC, less so by RT and CCTV, but they all have occasional good programs.  We also get Fox here, which is Fox, but surprisingly, they often have good fillers that go where there would be commercials in the U.S.

    The local Spanish media, including TVE, gives a great deal of reasonably fair coverage to opposition politicians, but somehow the whole context of political discussion seems uncomfortably conservative, possibly because people still feel unhappy with the previous PSOE (socialist) government, although they are not thrilled with the current PP (conservative) government either.  Unfortunately, Spanish economists generally seem to have bought into austerity, and there is no equivalent to Krugman or Stiglitz.  

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      Europe has bought into austerity, while the US - saddled with the psycho-fascist GOP - finds itself in the surreal position of having to talk down some European countries from cutting too deeply.

      Process defines product.

      by Troubadour on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 05:22:42 AM PDT

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