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    what the real high cost of low price is at Walmart.  

    A few years ago I was at a walmart in suburban Tampa, FL.  This one is located outside the city limits and probably on the fringe of what you would consider suburban as there are few sidewalks as well.  Certainly not a walkable area at all.  

    What struck me is there was a bus stop in the walmart parking lot.  Walmart being the volume oriented store that it is, I can't help but assume that a customer wouldn't load their shopping cart into the bus.  It's just not practical.  That bus stop probably takes more workers than customers on average.  

    So with that said, bus lines typically lose money every year with the tax payers footing the difference.  Many Walmart workers likely don't make enough to afford a car.  Therefore, the taxpayers are subsidizing the low wages of Walmart workers.  Add that to WIC, medicaid, S-CHIP, School Lunches, food stamps and it starts to become real money.

    What would be nice would be to come up with a figure like "every dollar you spend at walmart costs you $0.09 in taxes" or whatever it is.  How much are you really saving?

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