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View Diary: Lawmakers frantic to save nonstop flights to their districts (43 comments)

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    The House bill in February 1998 omitted the "Washington"; the Senate version, which prevailed in conference, kept it. Hence, Metro system signage mentioning the airport station (mandated several years later by Congress as part of an unrelated bill) uses all five words. However, the House version is what prevailed de facto, no thanks to the Washington Post, which quickly adopted the style used above but without the crossout. Signage on the GW Parkway approaching the airport also omits the "Washington" and at least one sign even adds the "Ronald"; it is Virginia, after all.

    I live in the MD suburbs and feel unusually calm whenever we go out of town, because I never have to worry about hearing the name mentioned in news stories and weather updates on radio or TV. (Thankfully there remain some local TV news and weather people who always use "National" or "National Airport" exclusively.)

    I really feel for the artists who did the great mosaics decorating the main terminal, which was rebuilt and opened in summer 1997 before this nonsense began. The renaming typified the Gingrichism still unfortunately prevalent today.

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