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View Diary: Already underfunded domestic violence programs fear sequester cuts (8 comments)

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  •  SEQUESTER: The bill of goods we bought (0+ / 0-)

    said that this was simply too crude, too draconian, too dangerous and destabilizing to EVER come to pass.

    The BiPartisans would carry the day and raise the debt ceiling and pass a carefully pruned budget BiPartisan(tm)  and avert the existential menace that is Teh Deficit.

    The part we didn't consider ... was that Sequester was EXACTLY what Grover Norquist has been working, praying and paying for for decades.   On wonders how the White House overlooked  (once again) that the small-government zealots have mastered the "Don't throw me in that there brier  patch!" routine, perfectly.  

     PACA was the insurance cartel's briar patch.  Sequester was Paul Ryan's.

    How DID they not see that coming?  Again ?

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