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View Diary: GMOs: What we can all agree on (230 comments)

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  •  I AM interested in agreeing on it, (10+ / 0-)

    and I want to see labels. Mandated labels, like NOW. After we've got proper labeling, we can resume our quarreling.

    •  We haven't agreed on that word "proper" yet :) (7+ / 0-)

      "Genetically modified" is not a proper label b/c it reveals absolutely nothing about what has been done to the organism, and deludes people into thinking the technology itself is a problem. I would thoroughly endorse labels that described the specific genetic modification in "scientese" and also English (and Spanish and other languages if you like) and described the intent of the alteration and the known changes of function in the organism resulting from the alteration. Some of the details could, I think, reasonably be placed on a website.

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      •  Total waste of label space. (0+ / 0-)

        Anybody who wants to know the 'science' that goes into GMOs can find it and probably read it without too much trouble. I am a label-reader, and a lot of the data in tiny type is totally superfluous already.

        Just designate the ingredients that are GMO with an asterisk in the simple item list, which comes in order of appearance on labels. You could add specific gene(s) as well below the ingredients list, though not that many people know what a Cry protein is. For hopelessly contaminated staple crops (like corn, and now wheat), just give us a % GMO content. The words "glyphosate resistance" would be okay too, as an indicator that the GMO content is Roundup Ready.

        Most people who want to avoid GMOs don't give a shit about the specific gene(s) or traits engineered in. They just want to know GMOs are in the food, so they can choose to avoid it. I see no legitimate reason to deny consumers this choice.

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