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  •  We have friends who were/are teachers (11+ / 0-)

    Claudia loved teaching.
    She taught 6th grade throughout her entire career and she absolutely loved it, but then things began changing.
    So, she retired.
    Her daughter followed in her footsteps and even though her daughter also loves teaching, she does not enjoy the same type of love as her mother did.
    Both describe a definite change in attitude of the administrators, principals, parents and students.
    Teachers are no longer respected.
    At one time, teaching was considered a vocation - what else could you call a hard job with long hours that required more than teaching for inadequate pay?

    One of my nieces went to college and majored in teaching for special needs children.
    She loves children and has five of her own and she's in her mid-30s.
    She constantly had to take courses during the summer to keep her accreditation and she did that gladly, because that's how much she loved her job.
    The children in her classes were majorly impaired (excuse me for not knowing the correct term) and so her class size was 5 children tops.
    Routine was important for her kids and she was more than a teacher.
    She had to help them with eating and going to the bathroom and there were many mishaps that she cleaned up.
    The parents of her kids loved her, because she does have a great love for children.
    But things changed.
    Her class went from 5 children max, to 8 and then 10, and she couldn't do it anymore.
    The larger classes had children with a variety of issues that she could not handle.
    It broke her spirit and it truly broke her heart, because she loved her kids.
    So, she quit and focuses now on her own children.
    It's really sad because she was so devoted and caring and the school she was at lost an exceptional educator that loved her kids.
    I don't understand it and have no idea how to fix it, but think it must be the parents who stand for and fight for their children's educations.


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