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View Diary: IAN:Camping Anyone? June 29,2013 (102 comments)

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  •  Was in BWCA week before last. (10+ / 0-)

    I've been doing paddle trips for years (BWCA, Isle Royale, Wabakimi, Missouri River...).  Week before last was the worst I've ever experienced anywhere in terms of mosquitoes (and the black flies were starting). Probably due to the wet late spring.

    We were also punished by thunderstorms that would show up in the evening and rain all night. At one point it felt like my old tent was positioned under a fire hose. The rain simply overwhelmed the waterproofing. Tried to get some sleep with my raincoat draped over my head and face. By morning everything was wet.

    Saw ancient native pictographs on a narrow and beautiful little lake after enduring a brutal portage - neat.

    I never get sick of gorp.

    You pay your dues to see wild and remote country in an intimate way. I can't wait for the next trip (but I will go later in the summer).

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