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    Years ago I stopped identifying as a "liberal" because I realized that there was too much truth to the gibe that "being a liberal means always having to say you're sorry." Only, the ones to whom liberals seem to be saying "sorry" most often are the ones on the right. I avoid "isms" and identify as a self-respecting non-conservative. That's not short and snappy, but it's where I am. Also, I realized long ago that many people who say they are not conservatives are actually right-wingers by another name, e.g., the Paulistas. And anarchists? It is to laugh! All that being said, it is completely clear, as far as I'm concerned, that the Republicans and others on the right are far and away the most dangerous political elements in American Society. Dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party must not blind us to the unpleasant reality that the most immediate and present danger to the US comes from the Republicans and their fellow-travelers.

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