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View Diary: Minnesota Republican Gerrymander (16 comments)

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  •  7 districts, no rules followed (0+ / 0-)

     photo rgerrymandermn_zpseb18ed60.png

    Except all of Minneapolis and St. Paul are in their own districts.

    MN-01: R+3
    MN-02: R+2
    MN-03: R+7
    MN-04: D+13
    MN-05: D+19
    MN-06: R+4
    MN-07: R+5

    Since this is a 2020 map, I figure Peterson is gone and MN-07 goes Republican. Walz may be able to hold on to an Obama district, which this still narrowly is, but his home base in Mankato is in MN-05.

    ...better the occasional faults of a government that lives in a spirit of charity, than the consistent omissions of a government frozen in the ice of its own indifference. -FDR, 1936

    by James Allen on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 09:56:03 AM PDT

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