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View Diary: Gomez fails his first debate test against Markey (57 comments)

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    Seems the Gomez people thought the transcript was off. Here's the revised follow-up answer:

    Bernstein: So, then would you not allow a bill of yours to be folded into other legislation to become law?

    Gomez: Of course I would. But the bottom line is that you need, he needs to speak for himself and talk about what he’s done in a leadership position, and what he can stand and sit there and say “this is my bill, right there.”

    Of course, thanks to Gomez's ineptitude Markey spent about 15% of the debate doing just that.

    In the meantime, Bernstein is reporting a new UMass Amherst poll that has Markey up 51-40, almost identical to the NEC poll from a couple of days ago. PPP has Gomez trailing 47-39. He's having trouble getting above 40, let alone 50.

    In the new poll 25% of 2010 Brown voters are not voting for Gomez, and Markey's up 82-16 among likely voters who did NOT vote in the 2010 special. No surprise; that election was very poor for Democratic turnout, especially in the cities.

    "I am not for a return to that definition of Liberty under which for many years a free people were being gradually regimented into the service of the privileged few." Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1934

    by fenway49 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 at 02:44:30 PM PDT

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