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View Diary: Study: More than half of elderly women are economically at risk (36 comments)

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    Any adult who is not disabled, never works (or never works above board with reported wages), and has never been married for at least ten years to someone who worked on the books, is in deep trouble.

    However, women or men who were stay-at-home spouses/parents can collect under their spouse's record, so they're not totally without income. That's also true of spouses who earned significantly less than the other spouse; you have a choice of collecting under your own earnings record or your spouse's, whichever is better. And as long as you were married at least ten years, divorce or widowhood doesn't matter.

    The SS system isn't perfect, but it is designed to try to respond reasonably fairly to a variety of scenarios.

    The people who are really screwed are people who think they're beating the system by working cash and not reporting their income so they don't have to pay all those nasty unfair taxes. IMO they deserve it, because they didn't contribute to everyone else's support and to the common good during their working years.

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