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View Diary: VP of Rush Limbaugh's Premiere Radio Fills the Air with Horsesh*t at Talk Radio Conference (43 comments)

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  •  Premiere is reaping what it has sowed. (3+ / 0-)

    For years it has been propping up Rush against the normal "profit or die" paradigm. Most programming, be it talk radio, sports, music, whatever, has to earn X% of profit on its ad buys or it's gone. Today's radio psychologist is tomorrow's salsa festival (to steal a bit from "Frasier"). But instead of flushing Rush when he began losing money, they propped him up instead, explaining away his steadily dwindling profits and coddling him after each public meltdown that cost more and more advertisers. They were fools to sign such a massive contract with him, considering he's a) old, b) appealing to a steadily aging and shrinking demographic, and c) a toxic jackass who poisons other programming. Now their entire business structure is shaking because of the corrosion caused by their support for Rush.

    Fuck 'em, good riddance all round.

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