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View Diary: The Censored Name is Neil Brick (how fails its writers and readers) (26 comments)

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    Otherwise, you're just hacking out content. If you don't understand that, you'll never write anything worthwhile, but you can expect, also, that Examiner will never have a reason to complain about your work. You seem to have missed an important part of this article which explains that this has nothing to do with who Neil Brick is, but what he does:

    "It is, to my mind, well in the public interest that Neil Brick’s propositions be put to critical scrutiny. This isn’t some simple personal vendetta, meaningless to all surrounding bystanders. At Brick’s S.M.A.R.T. conference I witnessed an old, morbidly obeses woman, who referred to herself as Julaine, sit before the attendees — unable to stand for any extended time — and explain that she had suffered some type of negative diabetic reaction earlier that day, and that her rheumatoid arthritis was causing her no small amount of discomfort. She attributed both of these conditions to a conspiracy of evil. Rheumatoid arthritis and Satanic Ritual Abuse, Julaine posited, are “almost partners”."

    In fact, I'm not claiming "objective journalism" in the sense of holding to the false, counter-productive, and idiotic notion that all propositions are of equal value and deserve equal respect in coverage. The facts weigh heavily against Brick's propositions of a Satanic conspiracy, and I wouldn't be doing any public service by pretending there are merits to his position. In fact, I invoked the "consumer advocate" position, and you would do well to learn the difference.

    I wonder if you comment in a similar fashion to journalists who have an "active vendetta" against Monsanto, or GOP candidates -- or if you would be just as comfortable if either of those parties were successful in having negative facts about them redacted or censored merely by virtue of incessant harassment?

    Keep writing for Examiner. They get what they're good for.

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