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View Diary: The Censored Name is Neil Brick (how fails its writers and readers) (26 comments)

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  •  Mesner breaks Daily Kos TOS (0+ / 0-)

    Mesner breaks Daily Kos Terms of Service in the headline to this "article," (which in reality is an opinion piece), by revealing the name of Neil Brick. Mesner was evidently censored from the Examiner for breaking their Terms of Service for this same abuse of Neil Brick.

    Neil Brick's SMART conferences are well respected in the professional community, The reason Neil is unable to respond to Mesner's unfounded allegations, I assume, is because he has a lawsuit filed against Mesner for doing the very thing Mesner does in this Daily Kos article. I am surprised the Daily Kos allows it.

    •  Ah, Judy Byington, author of 22 Faces (0+ / 0-)

      And an active associate of Neil Brick. 22 Faces, for the readers who never heard of it (certainly all of them), is a supernatural horror tale about a woman who presumably was burdened with multiple personalities after being abused by a group of levitating Satanists headed by a Jewish Nazi Satanic mind-control expert. The hero of the story is saved from ritual sacrifice when Jesus himself comes down and rescues her. This woman not only had multiple personalities, mind you, she suffered demonic possession as well. And the book only gets worse. If you've heard of Byington at all, it's probably because you saw her on Dr. Phil where it was revealed, to the disgust of the studio audience, that Byington was taking the full proceeds from a mentally ill woman's biography. This poor mentally ill woman, whom the book is supposedly about, even said on the show that the idea of this Jewish Nazi Satanist was new and unknown to her. Byington, in fact, has misrepresented herself as a consultant for the Utah Attorney General's Office -- a claim that she was caught lying about:
      Byington is part of the community she speaks of in which Neil Brick is respected. I'm not sure which "allegations" of mine Byington claims could be refuted, but it's curious that she herself doesn't bother to try and do so. Yet again, another comment that does not even bother to try and contest a single fact, but goes anywhere else as a diversion.
      In fact, there is nothing in ANY terms of service that states a writer can not name a subject by name. If you just take the time to read any of the posts on this site, Mrs. Byington, you'll see that people are writing about Senators, Congressmen, NSA whistleblowers -- and they are all named by name. I myself wrote a piece about litigation, naming the litigants and defendants, and some "experts", either self-appointed or otherwise, and it would make no sense whatsoever to withhold their names. As pointed out many times above (you clearly, like the others, haven't bothered to read what you are commenting on) Neil Brick's "defamation" suit does not contest a single factual claim in the article about his conference. That does more to validate the piece than anything, I think. What, exactly, did you find to be "unfounded allegations"?

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