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  •  It IS odd, we don't know why he keeps it. (4+ / 0-)
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    We get his tax bills, have no idea who the owner is really, just a name on a card, that I haven't bothered to track down; we've "used" and cared for the strip for the 20+years we've been here so I probably could take possession, but he does pay his taxes on it for some reason so I haven't tried. It's all just weeds, scrub bushes and weak trees, but completely overgrown, kind of our "wilds" area - a buffer so we don't have to see the houses behind us in summer.

    As far as the fallen trunk, no one showed up today so that's a moot point. And the mower works great - the bar I welded across the front axle mounting plates is holding them rock solid, and it walked itself up the grade in our back yard easily when I was done. Sharpened the blade and my friend mowed the whole yard today! Yay!

    Unfortunately I didn't know when I checked in this morning that we got vandalized last night; some kids ripped up a bunch of my neighbors' solar yard lights and threw them on our front porch roof and in our yard, then managed to work a chunk of granite out of our front wall, mortar and all. I ended up on the roof because some of her fixtures were still up there, so I cleaned the roof of pine needles and algae instead, and have the broken lights on my bench to see how many I can salvage for her.

    Like I said, we try to be good neighbors.

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    by CodeTalker on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 03:31:58 PM PDT

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