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  •  teacherken, I love you. (0+ / 0-)

    Your comments to the diary, "NSA whistleblower reveals himself as Booz Allen Hamilton employee, Edward Snowden..." are brilliant and humane. But I want to say that your diary here, about Parker Palmer, confounds me with frustration for exactly the reasons I loved your response to the whistleblower diary.

    Doesn't the whistleblower diary demonstrate how important it is for our children to know about the Constitution? Haven't you, as a teacher of government, taught your students some essential facts of the history and laws of this country?

    Palmer's statement,

    Education dominated by preconceived images of what must be learned can hardly be educational
    exemplifies what has brought about the Common Core State Standards. Do you really want the American people to discover the Constitution haphazardly, or as it is being crushed by corporate mobsters?

    The only way I can think the corporate/NSA partnership could imagine itself getting away with tapping every phone in the country is under the impression that the American people don't know the Fourth Amendment from their elbows.

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