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View Diary: BREAKING NEWS: Santa Monica college shooting. Update: 7 reported dead, several injured(LIVE BLOG) (120 comments)

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  •  Neighbor interview (13+ / 0-)

    Local news interviewed a neighbor where the two dead people were found in the burning house.  She grew up there and played with the girl next door the the house that burned.  She goes to college in Boston, and was about five minutes away from Newtown when that shooting happened, then she witnessed this today.

    Neighbors are reporting there was a nasty divorce, and one son stayed with the Dad and one when with the Mom.  Some of the neighbors report they think the shooter is one of the sons.

    It was interesting watching the local news reports (that is all that was on most of the local stations this afternoon).  Because of the President being in Santa Monica also this morning, there was a ban on air flights over the area.  Thus, all the reporting was on-the-ground reporters interviewing actual witnesses located along the route of the shooting spree.  Often these witnesses would direct the news crews to other locations related to the spree.  If it wasn't for the President's local presence, most of the coverage would likely be from the air with reporters focusing on the police actions rather than eye-witness reports.

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