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View Diary: POTUS and Rep. Pelosi Announce Plans to Win Back the House (317 comments)

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  •  New NSA Party! (0+ / 0-)

    Will be much, much easier to work with.

    Horseshit Talking Points!

    So here, in a rarity for national security overreach, the White House is absolutely right. Congress repeatedly bought off on this program, including its unbelievably broad standard for “relevance.”

    Except … except … when Ron Wyden tried to get the government to tell him how many Americans’ records had been reviewed (by using this front-end collection to identify the back-end collection) the Inspectors General in question professed to be helpless to do that (later hints suggested they had done that study, but refused to share it with the Intelligence Committees).

    So while it is true that Congress, with a few exceptions, have been completely complicit in this, it is also true that the Executive Branch has withheld the information Congress needs to understand what is happening with US person data.

    I wonder why?

    Never you worry, though, because it’s all constitutional.

    Much, much easier...

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