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View Diary: WaPo walks back parts of their PRISM story (50 comments)

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  •  Just saw the pres speak about this, does not (1+ / 0-)
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    reflect badly, in fact, he was very clear that we all need to talk about what tradeoffs we are willing to make as a society

    He was thoughtful, reasonable and open to change

    •  The problem is that in this, as in everything else (3+ / 0-)
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      ukit, Willa Rogers, merrywidow

      we as a society do not make such trade-offs.  They are made for us by politicians who ignore any and all polling that shows that the American people favor certain issues by anywhere from 70-90% depending upon the issues.  Politicians often elected by a minority of voters because they have so wildly gerrymandered districts to minimize the chances of populist candidates replacing them, or, in the case of the Senate, outsize (though intentional) representation of sparsely populated states that lean predominantly far-right.

      If they truly believe we as a society should be able to make decisions, they should start taking pledges to actually take seriously polling of regular citizens, and to bind themselves to vote according to polling data from their districts or states, not just make factually incorrect statements about what 'the American people want', and then vote against society's interests.

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