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View Diary: Black Hearts Trump Black Lungs (20 comments)

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  •  I work with an individual who spent probably 10-15 (5+ / 0-)

    years in the mines of KY.  I see it happening before my eyes.  When he gets sick with any viral illness in the winter, he doesn't get well.  Barrel chested, wheezing, shortness of breath -- all there.  He had the good fortune and initiative to get out of the mines, but not soon enough.  The shame of it all is that the health and safety of those he and I serve (in a hospital) is best protected by someone with a bit of obsessive-compulsiveness built into them.   I've personally witnessed through this co-worker  and a couple of others with the same background that mine work instills a set of safety-conscious work values in a miner that is second to none.  Too bad that is not the main topic of discussion in this wonderfully informative article.

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