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  •  DATA ABOUT DATA? (3+ / 0-)
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    Williston Barrett, k9disc, Mr Robert

    Are we sure we know all that that entails?  It's easy to make the leap to thinking that that's all they keep because perhaps that's all we can imagine them having THE DISK SPACE to keep, but that may be underestimating the growth in the power of heuristic AI programs to analyze the actual content of phone calls.

    For instance, phone calls that contain certain key words, like say, "jihad," or, say, "occupy wall street," could be (and I'm not saying it is, but it's something that it seems possible they would LIKE to do) could be added to the metadata as tags.  If I were a super-paranoid police state, and some computer jock came around and told me we could scan for words like that in the actual conversation the way Google spiders webpages and then save that in the metadata, I'd be thriilled.  More data to play with, more connections to draw, more patterns to search for.

    If this is presently out of the realm of feasibility given the number of phone calls to be processed, it will eventually be feasible, and soon.  Moore's law, doubling computing power every 18 months, and better and more targeted AI speech recognition algorithms... tada.  We've actually had long dialogues on dailykos and other forums about this in the past, so this isn't impossible or unlikely.  

    The only thing to prevent it is the will of the people, and at this time, that seems to be a thwarted will.  If they aren't trying to do this right now (that would surprise me), they will soon.

    So... Metadata?  

    •  Oh, they can store it all (1+ / 0-)
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      And they can play with it.

      And they can harrass innocent people with it.

      It's absolutely no use against a well-coordinated conspiracy.  None whatsoever.

      It's actually worse than useless against a mass movement.  Which I suppose is a feature, of sorts.

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