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View Diary: Not your granddaddy's metadata: don't believe the PRISM anti-hype (139 comments)

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    One think that has not been addressed, however, is the fact that surveillance programs have access to many databases that are public or easily accessed.

    The metadata collected for your telephone call may not have your name or credit card number attached, but that metadata can easily be connected to data in other databases--for example, a credit bureau database, an online reverse number search, or Google maps.

    It's quite diabolical, actually, in terms of skirting legal boundaries, because there's no need to create a paper dossier that combines information.  A screen display of information from multiple databases is ephemeral, but just as effective in drawing conclusions about the details of people's lives.

    For years, non-intel agencies have treated databases as an end run around FOIA and other laws, and I would expect the problem to be more extreme in the intelligence sphere.

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