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    AgavePup, as I read your comment, I was reminded of George Lakoff's Moral Politics.

    Actually, it was easy to be reminded, as I'm re-reading the book now.

    It seems to me that work on each area you and others have mentioned supports work in all the others, when you look at the big picture.

    As you may recall if you've read his work, George Lakoff talks about two different worldviews that rest on what are basically views of the family. The sense of what's moral emerges from the views of the right way for families to operate.

    The Strict Father model is one with an authority figure--usually dad--who sets the rules, doles out rewards and punishment, and prepares the children to be self-reliant and self-disciplined in their pursuit of success as adults. Love and nurturing are part of the picture, but not so much as to spoil children and make them self-indulgent. Good people should take responsibility for themselves as adults, not expect help. Governments shouldn't interfere in their lives. Good (self-reliant, self-disciplined, successful) people shouldn't be taxed in order to give the money to others whose own moral shortcomings caused their problems, as the Strict Father folks see it.

    The Nurturant Parent model is one in which parents stress nurturing, respect for one another within the family (and beyond it), helping one another, community, and so forth.

    The Strict Father model isn't attuned to environmentalism. God has dominion over man; man has dominion over the earth and its plants and animals, as they see it (including the "man" part). They're just not that into the idea of environmentalism.

    The Nurturant Parent model is very attuned to environmentalism. We have a responsibility to Mother Nature to save and protect the natural world-not to profit through our dominion over it, even if our actions are destructive.

    All this is a long-winded way of getting to my thought that those who work in the areas of building community, strengthening mutual respect, helping one another, and so on are supporting the Nurturant Parent model of family and society, whether their commitment is to marriage equality, voting rights, immigration reform, or any number of other issues.

    The people who share the Nurturant Parent worldview are the ones who are receptive to the message of environmentalists.

    Teachers teach children, beginning where they are at and going from there. Activists reach others, beginning where they are at now. Making the connection with someone on an issue that is extremely important to them right now is the first step.

    As the Nurturant Parent folks grow in number and have increasing influence, that will support the environmental movement at the same time.

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