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View Diary: If only we got this pissed off about Climate Change (109 comments)

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  •  I think the whole topic is so big and too hard to (0+ / 0-)

    understand for most Americans, so they ignore it.  There are several groups of people involved.

    The biggest group is the "if I can't understand it in five minutes it is stupid and not worth knowing" group.  I've encountered this group many times while teaching science as well.  They think that if a concept is difficult and they can't understand it in five minutes, well then it is stupid and not worth knowing.  I spent years working hard to understand difficult concepts in chemistry and physics, but that means nothing to them.  They are geniuses!!!  And if they can't get IMMEDIATELY then it's something you made up to irritate them and it's not worth knowing!  

    The second group is the conspiracy group.  This group believes that if a scientific concept goes against their religious or political beliefs than it has to be a conspiracy engineered by liberals!  Yes, tens of thousands of scientists around the world have conspired to invent an inconvenient theory that doesn't fit in with their world view and that may cost them more at the pump!  How dare they!!!

    Then there are the ones who don't really pay attention to anything going on in the world because it might be unpleasant.  They don't want to know anything that doesn't have to do with their own little narrow world of existence because it might be disturbing.  The t-shirt that says, "What, me worry?" applies to them.

    Between these  three groups you have most of the US population, so we are screwed.

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