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  •  Has anyone read (4+ / 0-)
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    michelewln, Brecht, RiveroftheWest, jabney

    Hand for a Hand by T. Frank Muir?

    I'm only writing this because the book so irritated me I was wondering of anyone else had the same reaction. I don't know anyone else who reads as much as I do and I haven't been able to complain about this book to anyone by my long-suffering wife who is very patient with me.

    Have you ever hated something so much you just need to talk about it?

    I never got beyond the first 60 pages, but I was just appalled by the story. In those pages you find that hero is having an argument with everyone he knows and apparently knows no one who isn't an utterly horrible person. His boss hates him, his ex-wife hates him, the local press hates him and prints nasty front page stories about him. Oh, yes and he hates his current partner simply because the man raped his 15 year old daughter ten years ago and never went to jail or even lost his job as a cop for it. And the hero is a drunk.

    Apparently the author once read that conflict drives a story and decided that meant that every page has to contain at least one vicious argument.

    Anyway, I've wanted to vent about this awful book for weeks now.

    I feel better.

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