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  •  We use rebar and standard 3/4" bird netting... (8+ / 0-)

    20' rebar sections, which is how our local hardware store sells it. the thinnest (3/8" maybe?). Lay rebar flat on the lawn, and bend them into hoops, using stakes to push and pull against. Drive the ends into the ground where you want protection. Where we have raised beds, the rebar can be secured to the wood too. I arrange the hoops in a zigzag, with the anchored ends about 3-4' apart, depending on the shape of the bed. Wire or tie the rebar to each other about 4' up, to create stability as a single unit. Then stretch the netting over the framework. The round hoop shapes prevents any snagging. The key to bouncing off is to have the netting as pulled tight as possible, secured along the bottom. It's like a trampoline, I've watched them literally bounce back. Any loose netting is a death sentence for birds though, especially when the berries are ripe inside. It's why I stopped trying to net my fruit trees, there was no way to get it tight enough.

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