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View Diary: Melissa Harris-Perry, a Smarmy NC State Senator who Thinks We're All Morons, and Me (60 comments)

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  •  This is the key (18+ / 0-)

    I do not know who (if anyone) is doing this, but there needs to be a huge effort to mobilize Democrats to vote in 2014, particularly in the gerrymandered House and Senate districts outside of the cities.

    •  I agree. And really, I have some reason to believe (12+ / 0-)

      that the particular methods of gerrymandering the slimebuckets in the legislature used will backfire on them.

      Specifically, the criteria they used to "pack" districts weren't just voter registration, they were other statistics such as the presidential and gubernatorial votes of 2004 and 2008. They packed a lot of their districts with Bush and McCain and McCrory voters, hoping that those voters would reliably vote Republican in legislative elections, too. And the fact is, we have a lot of Blew Dawg democrats in North Carolina, Democrats who just wouldn't vote for John Kerry or Barack Obama or Bev Perdue, but who are proving to be as disgusted by the antics of the Republican majority as the rest of us are.

      I think that it won't take much more of this behavior from idiots like Goolsby to turn those "conservaDems" back to the "D" column on election day 2014 and return the legislature, if not to liberals, at least to rational adults.

      Remember what they did to win a sufficient majority in 2010 to do the gerrymandering in the first place: they used a few million dollars of Art Pope's money to elect a bunch of stupid and unqualified "placeholder" Republicans in several obscure conservative districts that had longtime conservaDems representing them, conservaDems who could generally win reelection virtually without campaigning.

      Pope's "money bombs" took these Democratic incumbents by surprise, and low turnouts of low-information voters simply voted for the campaign commercials. I believe that a lot of these districts will return to "conservaDem" hands in 2014.

      I live under no illusion that we are a "liberal" state. I do believe, however, that we have had a longtime Democratic leadership that, while conservative on many issues, was at least rational and more than a wee bit forward thinking on many others. They'll be back. The Teabaggers have overplayed Teh Crazy.

      "Bernie Madoff's mistake was stealing from the rich. If he'd stolen from the poor he'd have a cabinet position." -OPOL

      by blue in NC on Sun Jun 09, 2013 at 07:35:28 AM PDT

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      •  That's the biggest point in looking at NC (4+ / 0-)
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        TexDem, blue in NC, loftT, lcrp

        It will be a long time, if ever, before real live liberals have anything more than a small minority of representation in state government. But if we can get some rational adults in power to replace Pope's teabaggers, we'll be in position to thwart McCrory during his last two years in office and reverse some of the damages being done by his crowd.

        •  Absolutely! Even the "conservaDems" who had (6+ / 0-)

          dominated the NC legislature for 100+ years enacted a lot of tolerable legislation, some of it even decent.

          The Racial Justice Act, for example, which prevented innocent NC citizens from being wrongly executed...about to be repealed.

          The generous funding and progressive support for the State University the process of being slashed.

          Incredible, best-in-the-nation conservation and environmental protection initiatives, such as the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, and the Natural Heritage Trust Fund...all headed for extinction within 2 years. The CWMTF - which had two components, one that funded repairs to failing wastewater treatment systems in poor municipalities, and another that purchased tracts of open land near our state's fragile river and coastal watersheds - reached a high of $100 million in annual funding under conservaDems. It is slated for $6 million this year and ZERO after that by McCrory and his fellow Pope-sycophant Teabaggers.

          In spite of tight constitutional limits on the authority of local governments, NC had for almost 50 years an annexation policy that allowed municipalities to grow responsibly by involuntary annexation if they followed a set of strict guidelines. That authority has been eliminated.

          Large municipal and regional service-providing entities, particularly airports and water and sewer utilities, were allowed to be governed by their parent municipalities. The Teabaggers Pope-baggers are busy seizing these locally-owned assets and subjecting them to central control by Republican-appointed boards. Examples: the Charlotte-Douglas Airport, the Asheville Airport, the Asheville regional Water and Sewer Utility.

          All of these relatively progressive policies and local initiatives took place in an atmosphere of very conservative Democratic majorities. After the mess we're seeing in Raleigh now, I'll take Blew Dawgs in North Carolina all day long!

          "Bernie Madoff's mistake was stealing from the rich. If he'd stolen from the poor he'd have a cabinet position." -OPOL

          by blue in NC on Sun Jun 09, 2013 at 10:06:37 AM PDT

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          •  I would love to see a quick Cliff Notes version (2+ / 0-)
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            blue in NC, billlaurelMD

            of the depredations McCrory is engaged in. Is there one you could point me to?

            •  I'm flattered...I would have said your knowledge (1+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              Black Max

              of North Carolina excesses (of the wrong kind) far exceeds mine!

              McCrory has kept a relatively low profile for the past few months, letting the idiots in the legislature spew Teh Stupid so voluminously that his own clueless douchebaggery fades into relative obscurity. Even his insults toward the Moral Monday protesters were mild compared to, say, Goolsby's. McCrory is nothing but a simpering little weasel who sucks up to Art Pope and his multimillionaire hatchet men, and who dares not say anything that might annoy the reigning teabag majority.

              So it's hard to home in on all of his "depredations". I'd say that a quick search of The News & Observer would be useful, and, of course, Blue NC, of which I'm sure you're already aware.

              "Bernie Madoff's mistake was stealing from the rich. If he'd stolen from the poor he'd have a cabinet position." -OPOL

              by blue in NC on Sun Jun 09, 2013 at 02:09:03 PM PDT

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