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  •  hate us for ... Americans have head in sand (3+ / 0-)
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    empires collapse from within

    someone pointed out that since "they hate us for our freedom, and we are loosing it, they must hate us less" snark

    another one in a comment here noted that "when we finally figure out who we are (probably in the context of all the bad things we are doing around the world) the rest of the world is going to say why did it take so long to realize this? not a snark

    prisons are another one of the systemic problems that have not been addressed for years and years

    several states spend more on prisons than they do on higher education

    we are a sick society

    the empire is collapsing

    and the politicians have been bought out by the oligarchs

    the prison system has been a crime against humanity for decades and now that it is being run for corporate profit it is worse

    marijuana is not legal because it would be a threat to drug industry through all the benefits and the alcohol industry because of the lost sales and to the whole war on drug industry

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