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    Hi. :)

    time ago (quite some time, when I was still on speaking terms with family) I visited the setate of Graf Kleve - in Kleve, which is a place - who was the last Dutch governor of Brazil, which they had ruled for a while after having it stolen from the Portuguese, who reconquered it in 1644 I believe. (It is incredible how different the world could have become, if events had gone different, practically any day). Anyways its little known but in the midst of all the troubles, the imported Africans in Brazil freed themselves in large numbers, and became independent, and founded independent ... what does one call it? States, according to the measures of the time of course. The so-called Quilombo´s. The most famous one was the Quilombo of Palmares. That too could have turned out differently ... (Hm sorry for the tangent, its caused by the story in the diary)

    In any case people know by far not enough about how rich and complex the history is of all of humanity everywhere - it far exceeds the pale backprojecting of today´s attitudes and ideas on earlier times.

    And greetings!

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