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View Diary: Death Knell Has Been Sounded: IRS Scandal Just Wasn’t Political (52 comments)

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    the Dems caved before the facts came out and they shouldn't have done that.  Had it been closer to an election they would have had no choice but since it wasn't, they should have just sat on it for a while and waited until we knew more.

    As for your first post, the mistake by the IRS was they should have chosen groups by their behavior and not the names.  I recall reading they picked out 300 groups for more scrutiny and 25% of them had tea party, patriot, etc. in the name.  If they had done it by behavior, the percentage would have likely been higher.  I agree it wasn't really a bad thing they chose the groups considering what we know about the campaign spending but they may have gotten better results in terms of catching the violators if they had targeted more appropriately.

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