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    I live 15 miles from Mammoth Hot Springs entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Most of the reasons wolves are killed in Montana is due to the will of cattle ranchers. They do not want anything to mess with their stock.

    Not only are they doing everything in their power to see wolves are killed they also are seeing to it that any buffalo who leave Yellowstone National Park are killed. They claim Brucellosis is in the buffalo and it can spread to their cattle.

    Often much to often,  when I go to work in the winter near YNP I encounter buffalo coming out of the park looking for food. The State of Montana Fish and Game is ordered to round them up and take them to the slaughter house.

    A couple of things have to be considered here: no case of transfer from buffalo to cattle has been recorded in Montana. What has been recorded is elk transfers the Brucellosis disease to cattle, The ranchers do not want the elk killed because they like hunting and eating them. I am sure they would like to eat the buffalo too but no open season is allowed (good thing for that)

    Cattle ranchers should be helped and compensated for any death caused by a wolf to their cattle. They also should be a program to pay for vaccination to their cattle. I can understand the cattle ranchers concern for the spread of Brucellosis but this should not be the excuse to kill so many creatures. We need to find ways to leave the buffalo, elk and wolves alone and help the ranchers allowing compensation for their loss when and if it happens.

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