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View Diary: Police allow serial rapist to continue predating after charging teen for falsely reporting rape (141 comments)

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  •  The meaning was perfectly clear to me, too (5+ / 0-)

    I did notice that the word had two meanings, but I derived the correct meaning from the context, and found, when I checked, that the usage is recorded in at least some dictionaries.  English is an evolving language, and when a word or usage starts getting into dictionaries, it means that enough people are using it that way, and some dictionaries are just  more ahead of the others in detecting the change in language and documenting it.    Remember, it's people who develop the language, and dictionaries record their usage, not the other way around.  When there's a dispute between the people and the dictionary, the dictionary usually loses -- eventually.   The humble "ain't" even won out over the naysayers. There are indications that some people are still arguing about this usage, but that horse has left the barn.   The word is in common use, as this diary demonstrates, and has started making it's way into dictionaries, and I doubt it's going anywhere, at this point.

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