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  •  ...Edward Snowden has been lying... (4+ / 0-)

    ...oh and he was FIRED...the whole thing smelled fishy from the it's smelling more like rotten fish...

    Booz Allen can confirm that Edward Snowden, 29, was an employee of our firm for less than 3 months, assigned to a team in Hawaii. Snowden, who had a salary at the rate of $122,000, was terminated June 10, 2013 for violations of the firm’s code of ethics and firm policy. News reports that this individual has claimed to have leaked classified information are shocking, and if accurate, this action represents a grave violation of the code of conduct and core values of our firm. We will work closely with our clients and authorities in their investigation of this matter.
    Analysts said that Snowden seems to have greatly exaggerated the amount of information available to him and people like him.
    Ken Dilanian and Barbara Demick of the Los Angeles Times’s Washington Bureau have some more important context for the extravagant claims made by NSA leaker Edward Snowden. According to their report, security analysts say Snowden’s claim that he could “wiretap anyone,” up to and including the President, is a “complete and utter falsehood.”
    Any NSA analyst “at any time can target anyone, any selector, anywhere,” Snowden told the Guardian. “I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if I had a personal email.”
    Robert Deitz, a former top lawyer at the NSA and CIA, called the claim a “complete and utter” falsehood. “First of all it’s illegal,” he said. “There is enormous oversight. They have keystroke auditing. There are, from time to time, cases in which some analyst is [angry] at his ex-wife and looks at the wrong thing and he is caught and fired,” he said.

    Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. The rest of us must suffer the consequences.

    by paradise50 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 02:10:13 PM PDT

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