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View Diary: Conservatives angry at plans to 'integrate' immigrants rather than 'assimilate' them (72 comments)

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  •  When I lived in NYC, there were ballots in 55 (1+ / 0-)
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    languages. When I moved home to WA, ballots were available in 100 languages. I have no idea what they think the difference is between assimilation and integration, since what IIRC history demostrates is that the immigrating generation always has issues with surrendering the home language and customs they grew up with, their children are half and half, more so where there is more 'integration,' and the grandchildren don't understand their grandparents and probably don't speak the home language at all. It seems they want to shorten the natural process to get it all done in what? five years. I don't think so. It did not work that way when their family lines were the immigrants. Why is it different now? Other than flat out racism of course, since when the Celtic tiger was rolling, nobody did this to the overstaying Irish who were here.

    Besides, if they really wanted assimilation to modern America, they will themselves have to surrender the Appalachia Highland games, use of bagpipes by police and fire units, Mexican and Chinese food and German and French and Russian and Israeli foods, bagels, etc etc and cut off all those American-X  friendship societies for all those not imigrants. And any number of other things not truly "American' in the southern white understanding.

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