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View Diary: Conservatives angry at plans to 'integrate' immigrants rather than 'assimilate' them (72 comments)

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  •  Judging from my experience as an ESL teacher (1+ / 0-)
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    children generally starting assimilating to the dominant culture as soon as they start school.
    Kids just don't want to be different from their peers.
    C'mon--doesn't Raphael Cruz use the name "Ted"? (BTW, I still want to see his official "Report of U.S. Citizen Board Abroad" papers issued by the Department of State).
    Would any GOPer say that Marco Rubio hasn't assimilated?
    How about Joe Arpaio?
    Hasn't the RW taken a look at its own members' backgrounds? How many of their grandparents spoke English or ate ethnic food? How many of the current generation haven't assimilated?
    Geez, the lack of historical/sociological knowledge of these people is amazing.

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