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    I spend a great deal of time in therapy working on relationship issues and for gay men, that's a thorny path to trudge. I can't speak to what it is to be a lesbian or a person of color, but I do know what it is to be ostracized and discriminated against. Certainly, my HIV status is always an issue when it comes to dating though I've learned how to navigate that pretty well.

    It saddens me how poorly gay men treat one another. The differences in income and social class are ones I can never gloss over because in my own life I'm constantly face-to-face with other men who discriminate against me in unspoken ways because of my socioeconomic status. I've become stronger and more resilient over time, but it still hurts to often feel left out and cut off from the mainstream of gay life.

    Change happens slowly and incrementally. All any of us can do is keep trying to make things better. The results are beyond our control.

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