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  •  My advice: Get out of L.A. (I did, and it was the (2+ / 0-)
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    Renee, Gay CA Democrat

    smartest thing I ever did.) I've lived on three continents and on both coasts (including Northern CA) and in the Mid-west, and L.A. is, bar none, the worst gay scene I've ever experienced.

    I moved to L.A. from Boston for work (in the industry as we call it) and the first thing I noticed was the stark contrast in Gay Pride celebrations.

    In Boston we would march in the streets and end up at the Common where there would be a great program with lots of political speeches and all of it was free.

    Contrast that to the West Hollywood Pride celebration (we would jokingly call it the gay "consumer pride" celebration) which aside from the parade is an expensive festival full of vendors and one where outright political speeches are discouraged (I was told that a bunch of conservative, rich gays had gotten control of the gay pride event in the early days and made it to their liking.)

    Everything you are saying is true. I had one friend who refused to date anyone who didn't have a six-figure income (he wanted someone to enjoy his pricey lifestyle with but didn't want to have to pay for everything)

    Believe me, gay life isn't a picnic anywhere, but nowhere is it as image conscious and youth oriented and consumer oriented and stratified as it is in L.A ( I knew someone who told me that the car you drove "defined you," so when they repo'd his 450 SL, I asked if he was now without definition--L.A. can make you bitchy)

    I moved to the Chicago area and have never looked back. It's much more relaxed, people are much friendlier, more politically aware rather than pop-cult aware, and I have a huge, beautiful house on a heavily wooded acre and-a-half for what a decent one bedroom condo would cost in West Hollywood.

    You can make as much money around here (actually the per capita is higher) and in many places, as you can in L.A, but the cost of living is lower and the quality of life is higher.

    Life is too short. Get out of the worst gay scene in America.

    •  Thank you, but... (0+ / 0-)

      I feel it necessary to point out that my diary is not a diary about just one city. It reflects my experiences all across the U.S.  From Ohio to Chicago to San Francisco to NYC and to LA and WeHo.

      Though to be fair, I have never been to Boston.

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