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    Empty Vessel

    that you don't see that "the things that kill people" are part of the same game as the government wholesale spying on all the citizens in this nation? And that the continuing deliberate long-term impoverishment of this nation is the game being played?

    The forever-war on Terra is part of the very same construct as the impoverishment of America and the spying on Americans. It's all about war profiteering, and has always been about war profiteering. Don't forget it's Carlyle and Halliburton, et al. who set the whole thing up, and their pet legislators who keep it going year after year (while accomplishing exactly nothing else).

    To finance this wealth transfer end game the government has had to divert pretty much all of the income it gets from We The Livestock, plus all the costs deferred to debt (like the wars). This is why we can't have nice things - or food stamps, or education for our children, or a VA that actually takes care of our veterans, or a national health care system, or bridges that don't collapse, or even retirement income we paid for out of every paycheck for our entire working lives. They're sucking it all up like the Mother Of All Hoovers, forever on the lookout for any pennies that might somehow escape notice. Which, btw, will no longer go unnoticed once they task some PRISM watchers with ferreting out all the 'underground' economies where people earn a little here or there to help keep food on the table.

    It's an end game, they want it all and plan to take it all. All these Intolerable Acts are just set pieces in the game, all played by ad for the same King. If we wish to call a halt to the game, we need to deal with it top down. The top is the part that is most shrouded in secrecy, most hidden from the pawns. Secret laws, secret courts, secret oversight, secret agencies, contracting out the dirty-work to the usual war profiteers. It's called the "decapitation strategy."

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