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  •  Sam Harris argues that we need more profiling (0+ / 0-)

    And he has a point. The Israelis use profiling very successfully; it's a large part of why you don't hear about El Al flights being blown up. But their profiling isn't lame "search everyone who looks brown." It includes things like face-to-face interviews to look for signs that you may be a threat. As Sam Harris points out, profiling everyone who looks like they could be a Muslim terrorist would mean that he, too, should potentially be subject to search, and that's fine with him.

    I'm not sure what we should do. But since there are both Islamic terrorist organizations and individual jihadists (like the Boston Marathon bombers) planning terror attacks, we need some coherent strategy for watching out for them. The fact that radical Islam isn't a race but an ideology -- the Boston jihadists were/are white, and a Vietnamese convert to Islam just got sentenced in England for working for Al Qaeda -- means that it can't be anything as lame as just looking for brown skin. But not looking for anybody doesn't make sense either.

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    by Noisy Democrat on Tue Jun 11, 2013 at 08:33:20 AM PDT

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