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  •  My car was almost confiscated and license revoked (17+ / 0-)

    Some years ago I got a very nasty letter from the state of IL that my car had been very naughty indeed, while driven by a man I had never heard of, and my car and my driver's license were going bye-bye. I called the number on the notice as I had never even been in that county, nor heard of the culprit. They were utterly dismissive. I finally was able to find a kind soul in the state records department who tracked down the actual copy of the cop's report, with some really bad handwriting, and figured out that he had written an X that looked like a Y. He checked the records for my car and the X-car. Kind soul then deduced that my Toyota Tercel had not been moonlighting as an Oldsmobile (the cop's writing was good enough to figure that out.)

    My car and I were exonerated, but it took a lot of help.

    Given the errors I see all the time in medical databases, whether from human data entry or tech issues, I expect a great many more problems like this, and far too few people with the patience to sort them out for us.

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