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  •  Well, I'm afraid that you didn't get either of (5+ / 0-)

    those points across to me. I won't say that the person to person struggle doesn't matter, but I certainly can't say that it matters "most". The fact that ideals can blind some people to reality certainly doesn't mean that all idealists are blind, and I suspect we need them just as much as the day to day sloggers.

    New solutions most often do create new problems - in science and engineering as well as in human interaction. And problem solvers find all kinds of ways of working to fix them. You don't need to be an idealist or a humanist or any other 'ist to see a problem and want/try to fix it, you just have to be somebody who likes to solve problems. Or somebody who enjoys pointing out problems. Or...

    At least half the future I've been expecting hasn't gotten here yet. Sigh.... (Yes, there's gender bias in my name; no, I wasn't thinking about it when I signed up. My apologies.)

    by serendipityisabitch on Mon Jun 10, 2013 at 07:27:37 PM PDT

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