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  •  I'm reading World War Z by Max Brooks. (5+ / 0-)
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    cfk, Youffraita, ferg, Brecht, MT Spaces

    Broke down and bought some new books at Costco.  Such a splurge.  I also bought A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night, both by Deborah Harkness; and City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte.  So I have several hundred pages of magical doings to read after I finish World War Z.

    World War Z is pretty good.  It's not as good as I had hoped for based on some of the hype.  It makes some interesting social commentary in the way it shows the US and the world adjusting to the EFFECTS of the zombie plague, in terms of practical social policies and failure of institutions to deal with the problem realistically.

    Personally, I just can't understand what the difficulty is.  Set up a platform (or get up on tops of a building) because ZOMBIES CAN'T CLIMB.  Then pick them off with bullets or arrows or shovels over the head.  

    Zombies never scared me too much.  Too slow and dumb.  In the old zombie flicks, there was always some hysterical girl running from this slow zombie, shuffling it's feet along going Rurrrrurur.  And then she'd trip her ass over a tombstone a few times, getting away.  If you're that clumsy and slow, you deserve to die.  (My humble opinion.)

    There WAS an excellent zombie flick on BBC last week, so good I wish somebody would make a diary talking about it.  It was called IN THE FLESH.  There's a review of it at Wired that calls it "The Thinking Man's Walking Dead," and it is.

    The premises are all reversed.  In the aftermath of a zombie plague, the British, in the goodness of their hearts, want to rehabilitate the zombies.  So they put them in institutions and cure them with drugs that allow them to slowly recover their memories.  They are diagnosed to have PDS -- Partial Death Syndrome.  After treatment, they remain dead zombies, but they're able to return to their lives.

    This sounds like it could be a hilarious story, and I don't know how they resisted taking it that direction.  But it's very serious.  Rather than follow the story from the point of view of humans blithely popping the heads of people (and I think that's what Walking Dead is about -- gratuitous mass head popping), we see the awful discrimination they face, with families trying to hide their rehabilitated zombie kids so that lunatic right wing fringies don't knock on the door and shoot them dead on general principles.  

    (Spoiler alert)  Halfway through the second episode, it is revealed WHY the main character died.  He committed suicide.  Because he was gay.  And because his great love died fighting in Afghanistan.  To complicate matters further, it turns out that his deceased lover's father is the head of the right wing group that is murdering rehabilitated zombies.  And then, to everybody's surprise, that son returns home as a rehabilitated zombie, putting the father into some kind of confused state of denial where he tries to coerce his son into killing OTHER zombies.

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