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  •  Bleeding from the OUTSIDE of his nose (2+ / 0-)
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    Tonedevil, amsterdam

    Sure, Zimmerman's back appeared to be wet. He had been in the rain, after all. The question is why didn't he have grass stains and mud if he had been on the ground?

    As for his injuries, blood was not coming from his nostrils. It was coming from two small cuts on the tip of his nose. The medical records show that his mucous membranes (the inside of his nose) were normal and that he didn't have a deviated septum (common in broken noses).

    As for his head injuries, any cut to the scalp bleeds profusely because the scalp is rich in capilaries. That's why a hat in cold weather makes you so much warmer than a heavy jacket.

    As you can see in this picture, if anything, there's a remarkably small amount of blood. It doesn't even reach his neck on the right side, and on the left side, there are four rivulets, two of which end halfway down his head.

    Notice also the direction the blood is flowing. If he were on his back, how would the blood have flown in the direction? How could it violate the laws of gravity?

    •  The officer said he had grass on him and again (0+ / 0-)

      how did the injuries get there?  Between the shot and the officer seeing him we are talking one minute...two tops.  That's all the time we are talking. Maybe even less.

       It is highly doubtful that he could shoot someone, and then  recover from that and then think fast enough to then bust his face and then think to also hit the back of his head... and do so fast enough that no one saw him...and/or no skin or his own blood on the gun (if we are to presume he used his gun to do it or the recoil did part of it)

      •  How do you know (2+ / 0-)
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        Tonedevil, RobertSF

        he didn't already have the injuries before the beginning of the altercation?
        He may have slipped on the wet grass when he was trying to find Trayvon.

        Again it doesn't matter, the injuries are not consistent with the forensic evidence. Forget about the lack of GZ blood and DNA on Trayvon's clothes and under his fingernails, the cuts are too high up on GZ's skull to touch the ground if his head would've been slammed on the ground. If you take a sphere and bounce it on the ground, only a small portion would catch the impact.

        •  Ok, so even though we have witnesses who either (0+ / 0-)

          saw or heard a fight ... enough so that several of them actually called 911 before the shot, and also describe it to police...

           but you find it more plausible...that the injuries with fresh blood came from him falling once as he was running on wet grass and apparently hitting his head (twice...since there are two places injured) and then he got up and then ran some more and fell again but on his face and nose this time?  Or did he fall on his face the first time and then roll and hit his head in two places during the same fall?

          If you bounce a perfect sphere on the ground that is perfectly flat and only once...only a small portion could catch impact....yes, mostly likely true.

            If the bounce happens more than once and/or in a struggle, with both sphere involved and surface involved that are not perfectly round and/or perfectly flat...then you could have more than one place that could be injured, even simultaneously.   Place in the factor of pebbles, rocks, sticks, cracks in concrete, slants, uneven places etc....and there is even more of a chance. This was not the case of a ball being bounced on a perfect slab of polished granite. Thus, you can not measure a head against concrete or the the outcome of hitting a ball on a perfect slab of polished granite.  They are not the same thing, at all.

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