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    freewayblogger, KenBee, Oh Mary Oh

    I've watched you from afar for awhile. Maybe it's digby who posts your pics? Thanks for all you have  done -- for some reason I thought you were based in Seattle? Anyway, I've driven the Pasadena Freeway (aka The Arroyo Seco Parkway) many many many times. It was actually the 1st freeway ever built, very narrow lanes and with extremely short 5 mph exits that end with a stop sign. No gentle transitions here. A wonderful drive when it's empty, with its gentle curves. It could be terrifying when crowded, which is all the time now. And not an easy road to stop on due to no place to pull off.
    A friend thought that Grace Slick was God. Not me: I thought Jerry Garcia was God. I swear I saw him make the rain stop so that the band could play. And a remembered quote from one of the Airplane, "For about two weeks in the summer of '67, it was perfect."

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      KenBee, Bernie68, Oh Mary Oh

      With occasional jaunts up to Portland and Seattle.  It's really fun, what I do. And just so it's clear to all, you don't pull over on the freeway to do this!  You drive on the freeway and look at all the places you can see and then approach them from the back. Depending on the lay of the land, a sign that's 100 feet from traffic can take ten miles or more to reach, and figuring out those various things - the sheer gamesmanship of it - is one of the things that makes it fun.

      When you put a sign up next to a freeway, people will read it until someone takes it down.

      by freewayblogger on Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 10:24:30 AM PDT

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