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    Oh Mary Oh, freewayblogger

    Reminds me of a "fuck you hippie!" moment I had myself, during the 2008 elections. McCain had finally jumped all the sharks in my head (this was after he chose Palin, so he'd already jumped most of the sharks) with a comment/indulgence of someone else's comment inline with the Obama/terrorist meme.

    I decided that day that freedom of speech included the right to remove speech, so I went out and pulled up all the McCain signs along a few blocks of public roadway.

    One guy intercepted me, told me he'd called the cops, yelled at me for awhile, tried to provoke a confrontation. I didn't bite, so as a parting shot, he spat on my coat.

    Further research indicated that I likely didn't have the right to remove political signs from a public space. The next day, all the Obama signs had been pulled out as well, so the whole thing was moot.

    But the local gas station guys, who'd watched the whole thing were my best buddies from then on!

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