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View Diary: GOP Hospital Executive Calls For Single-Payer (Medicare For All) As Solution To Health Care Crisis (173 comments)

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    What a quaint Norman Rockwell concept, the doctor who lives comfortably in a small town with a small office and delivers all the children for a generation or two.

    The cost of a medical education has completely perverted the principle of why someone with all the right reasons (and hopefully the skill and intelligence) to become a doctor, can't be 'that guy' because the $$$$$ resources are not available.  A half million dollars of education costs sure puts the kibosh on that desire to help people and attracts a mindset of having a very honed view of ROI on that cost.  Not saying there aren't exceptions, but staring at 6+ years and a half million puts a very high barrier in place.

    Case in point are the specialist shops set up in pricey beltway office parks and their ex. football player sales pimps trolling the prime time tube for MRI clients.

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